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Data Center for Dummies | #cre #ccim #sior #datacenter

A data center, datacenter, or computer center is an advanced facility where sophisticated computer systems are housed, along with other associated equipment like telecommunication and networking devices, and storage systems. Data center is basically intended for the storage, management and dissemination of data related to a particular domain in which a business deals. According to Carrie Higbie, of Global Network Applications, “every organization has a data center, although it might be referred to as a server room or even a computer closet”. The terms such as server room or computer closet are most often used in India to refer to a data center. The large firms may have their own data center or they may be taking data center services from a third party service provider. The small and medium sized firms usually take these services from a service provider. However, even big businesses have started opting for data center services from a third party provider owing to the benefits involved in this option. Data centers can be categorized into four broad types, viz., Corporate Data Centers, Web Hosting Data Centers, Turnkey Solution providing Data Centers, and Data centers that use the Web 2.0 technology.

In contemporary business environment, data centers in India have become an essential requirement for all the medium and large scale business firms, especially those which are into online marketing and dependent on online traffic. The business owners in India have also realized the importance of computer centers, and thus the number of data centers in India has considerably increased in number during the past decade owing to their constantly rising demand. Local backups are now limited to small organizations only, and in small scale sector also there are firms opting for data center services. There are various important reasons behind the widespread demand of data center services in India and also outside; the same are mentioned under:

  • A computer center ensures complete safety of the critical data of an organization. It protects the data against threats like theft, hacking, viruses, corruption (due to software/hardware failure), and even disasters.
  • A data center is capable of conveniently meeting the increased data handling requirements of a business.
  • After assigning the data handling task to a computer center, a business owner is left with much time to concentrate on other critical business activities.
  • In the modern data centers, the data of an organization is handled by professional Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSEs), so the probability of data mishandling is almost none.
  • The majority of data center services firms render services at comparatively less rates than the costs involved in maintaining an in-house data or computer center, thus taking service from a third party service provider is beneficial.
  • Web hosting through a data center ensures optimum performance of an organization’s website(s) and eliminates the possibility of system downtimes.

With the information and details presented in this post, we are sure that the reader will now have knowledge regarding data centers.

Author’s bio: Mohul Ghosh is a writer and online marketer at Go4Hosting. With over 10 years of experience in providing world class data center solutions and website hosting services, Go4Hosting is the name to reckon with in this industry. You can join Go4Hosting at Facebook.com/Go4Hosting.

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